Software Engineering with Java Bootcamp

Bootcamp Overview

Our training bootcamps are offered through High School Technology Services (HSTS) - a non-profit subsidiary of WEG2G Group.

Bootcamp Code: hsts-c2

Bootcamp Information

This hands-on intensive class provides you with essential tools and techniques to design, develop, and manage Java-based applications such as Software, Android Apps, etc. Over 210 hours of instructor-led training, we provide you with the concepts and skills to use Java effectively. You get hands-on practice working with basic through advanced techniques to get the most out of your experience. You will learn the basics of software engineering beginning with software design lessons and advancing to more complex Java and Spring fundamentals. After successful completion of this bootcamp, students can take the following Oracle certification exams: Oracle Certified Associate, Java Standard Edition Programmer or Oracle Certified Professional, Java Standard Edition Programmer  

The following are covered:

Program Fee: $14,000
Program Length: 210 hours

We offer flexible payment plans with multiple installments. Email us for details.


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  • Q

    What happens after I register?

  • A For e-learning classes, upon registration you will receive a link on your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. There you will confirm your credentials.
  • Q

    Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds ?

  • A Of course, all of our courses are 100% guaranteed which means you can ask for a refund anytime and receive the full reimbursement of your money if the class becomes unavailable.
  • Q

    Can I have a live class at my own pace or schedule?

  • A Most of our live-instructor training classes come with flexible class schedule and class sizes. Contact us to discuss details.
  • Q

    Where do I go upon finishing the course ?

  • A Last chapter of the online training is reserved for pointing you towards the right direction after completing all the materials in the course. So you know what to do next.