Private Tutoring Classes

Visit any of below classes to register for your private tutoring sessions.

Web design and development tutoring sessions- Weekly and monthly plans

Private tutoring sessions for system administrator management- Weekly and monthly plans

Private tutoring sessions for blockchain design and development - Weekly and monthly plans

Private tutoring sessions for software design and engineering- Weekly and monthly plans

Platform Information

All online tutoring sessions are done via virtual platforms like Zoom.

Tutoring Is Not For

You can not use our tutoring service to hire an instructor to build your website or project. We only offer training services, so our instructors are not freelancers for building your projects.


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  • Q

    What happens after I register?

  • A For e-learning classes, upon registration you will receive a link on your email address which redirects you to our online training course platform. There you will confirm your credentials.
  • Q

    Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds ?

  • A Of course, all of our courses are 100% guaranteed which means you can ask for a refund anytime and receive the full reimbursement of your money if the class becomes unavailable.
  • Q

    Can I have a live class at my own pace or schedule?

  • A Most of our live-instructor training classes come with flexible class schedule and class sizes. Contact us to discuss details.
  • Q

    Where do I go upon finishing the course ?

  • A Last chapter of the online training is reserved for pointing you towards the right direction after completing all the materials in the course. So you know what to do next.